Friday, August 13, 2010

Warm Chocolate Cake

Warm Chocolate Cake is one of those comfort foods that I usually crave unexpectedly!  It's like you're walking around putting things away in your come across some semi-sweet chocolate...check....see some apf (all purpose flour)...check....eggs....check.....confectioner's sugar....check....only one thing that runs through my mind at this point....Warm Chocolate Cake....(the actual recipe actually consists of a few more things :)

So making these at home is very cheap and the recipe that I use usually yields 6 or so it's great for a small dinner party....the great thing also about this is that by subtracting a few minutes of cooking time, you can get a very rich, all consuming MOLTEN LAVA CAKE....I like leaving these in the ramekins since taking them out requires a bit of finesse, and breaking it would ruin the presentation and leave somebody's cake an it rustic, the future I'd like to play with perhaps maybe adding some toppings or textures throughout the batter...maybe some toasted nuts for texture, or even some crumbled maple glazed bacon on top

Pair this with some fresh whipped cream, or some vanilla ice cream and I'd say you'll feel satisfied...


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