Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Post

So after sharing  my delights with family and friends, and the incessant reminders to have an organized medium to share my eats, it is only appropriate that I finally start something "online".  With that said, this should be a good canvas  to share a passion in my life....FOOD!

I can safely say that I have always had food on my mind.  As far back as I can remember, I would always come home from school and guess what my mom would leave on our kitchen table as a "snack".  Sometimes, looking forward to this was the best part of my day!  What is funny is that as a child and teenager, you take for granted "home cooked" meals since they are just there.  You come home, lay about lazily watching whatever your favorite afternoon cartoon may have been at the time (i.e. Batman, Inspector Gadget, Brady Bunch), do a little homework, and POOF, dinner was there.  Home cooked meals came out of thin air, and as quickly as they appeared, they were gone just as swiftly.  You say, "thanks Mom" and you're I know everyone says there mom is the best cook, but I didn't realize this till much further on, when I didn't have a mom around nor a kitchen table to see what food would appear.  Let's fast forward a bit...

My passion for cooking was born initially out of necessity in college, where limited budgets forced you to not eat out as much....because you couldn't!  Trying to split your twenty dollars for the week on dollar items at your everyday fast food chains quickly made me realize that there had to be a better solution.  Why don't I try to make something at home?

When you first start to cook, you DON'T know ANYTHING!  Let's be real.  You can watch a cooking show a hundred times, but it's not the same as actually executing what you deemed as "possible" or "easy".  How do you know how long it takes to cook a juicy chicken breast?  How would you know when something is "seasoned" well?  How could you even fathom that mayonnaise is just an emulsion of oil and egg yolk, with perhaps a touch of acid?  Trying to navigate the pantheon of "terms" and "techniques" is futile in the beginning.  But I kept at it....

Thousands of attempts later brings me to where I am today...still a cooking novice according to many people, but far from inept.  Perhaps I can share a glimpse of my journey here, and stumble upon some great eats that I someday, I hope, you all can enjoy!


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