Thursday, August 12, 2010


I have yet to meet a person who does not adore the potato.  For something so basic, it can be transformed into masterpieces in textures and flavors.  I made these on a whim, inspired by my trip to Gregoire's in Berkeley, where they are known for a "more uniform looking" potato puff.

I was excited to make these, and surprisingly turned out better than I could have imagined.  It's always fun also to buy new gadgets and tools to make new eats.  Went to pick up a potato ricer, and I was off to the race track.

I normally have a very well stocked pantry/refrigerator so all I needed was actually the ricer.  In this recipe included obviously a potato, eggs, butter, parm reggiano, s&p (salt and pepper), apf (all purpose flour), nutmeg, and some oil.  No frills, nothing that would require a Michelin reviewer to come, but some good old solid flavors that everyone loves with potatoes.  The key to making these was the execution and the method to which you cooked the potatoes.  This is definitely a must for any appetizer since you can do all the mise en place (prep) ahead of time, and brown them off to order in mass quantities.  Add a remoulade or even a citrus vinaigrette on the side, some chopped Italian parsley for garnish and you have yourself a potato party.

I would say this is a perfect bite of potato.


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