Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mexican Breakfast Nachos

Sometimes you feel like nachos...and sometimes you feel like nachos for breakfast! The brilliance of any nacho "inspired" dish is that you can really put together anything you want, and have it taste amazingly good with very few ingredients.

About 8 months ago I bought a mini was actually more of an impulse buy that I justified to myself as being "practical", yet, there is something so adorable about anything that is "mini" so a swipe of the card, and 20 minutes later, and it was mine.

Now that I had in my possession, the instrument of high calories, I decided to make my own tortilla chips. I cut up some corn tortillas I had in my refrigerator and deep fried those suckers, sprinkling salt as they exited the fryer. Now for breakfast, you have to have eggs...this is a arguments, ifs, ands, or what else goes well with eggs? Cheese! With a jalapeno, a small plum tomato, onion, a lime and some cilantro, there really is only one course of action....salsa fresca! So naturally this dish becomes "Mexican" by the inherent mixture of these components.

I stacked the chips on the bottom, added some loosely scrambled eggs, and some mozzarella cheese (not that Mexican, but oh well) and decided, why not some kidney beans (i love these beans!)...I threw this combo under my broiler to melt the cheese, and added the salsa on top with a garnish of parsley! A squeeze of lime, and Voila....this is a great pick me-up after a long night out!


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