Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Bacon and Eggs"

So being an avid pork fan, I decided to make a classic pairing...Bacon and Eggs...of course with a twist!

For the Bacon component, I braised a thick piece of pork belly, to where the meat is fork tender, and the fat melts away (FYI, Pork Belly is where butchers cut bacon from).  A fat, succulent piece of pork belly is one of these "no-no" dishes you have to say yes to once in a while.  I started by creating the base for my flavors starting with sliced onions, garlic, and a 2 bay leaves for my aromatics.  To flavor the actual belly in the braise, I used some Chinese five spice, star anise, soy sauce, ginger, vinegar, and of course some water.  If you want an actual breakdown of the quantities and techniques, message me!  Two and a half hours later, you're left with heaven on a plate....a small bite of pure decadence that leaves that insatiable appetite appeased....

And what do you eat with bacon...EGGS of course.  The egg component is a simple poached egg, on top of a bed of rice.

The sauce for this dish is actually a reduction of the brazing liquid, which was reduced by half...the sauce is sweet, savory, earthy umami with a touch of tang.  Perfection is a word that fits this description.

A wonderful twist on the mundane...."Bacon and Eggs"


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  1. MmmMmmMmmMmmMmm...That sounds and looks SOOOO good!